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Child Support & Child Custody

There are many different factors that can complicate a divorce in Connecticut. However, when there are children involved in the dissolution of a marriage, it is critical to treat all parties with consideration in order to arrive at a plan that is in the best interests of the child.

There are many different aspects of child support and custody matters, including:

  • Obtaining an original support and custody order when going through divorce;
  • Seeking enforcement from the courts; and
  • Requesting a modification of an existing order.

Child support must cover the basic needs of the child, specifically including housing, clothing, and food. In addition, there must be support for educational needs, extracurricular activities, and other necessities. Separate from the established support payments, there is a pro rate share of healthcare costs and other unreimbursed medical costs that is allocated to each child. When there is a divorce between moderate to high net worth parents, the lifestyle enjoyed by the child prior to the divorce will be taken into consideration by the court.

Child custody and support issues may include:

  • The determination of legal and physical custody – parents may share legal custody, making all important decisions for the child together, while one parent will provide the primary residence for the child. The parent who does not have physical custody will have a visitation schedule that encourages a close emotional bond with his or her child. In rare cases, the parents may share physical custody, with the parents rotating in and out of one home with the child or residences located close enough together that the child can maintain the same education and activities;
  • Parenting plans;
  • The determination of support payments – under Connecticut law, parents making less than $4,000.00 per week will have to make payments in accordance with child support guidelines, which range from 22 percent to 42 percent, depending on the number of children. If parents make in excess of $4,000.00 per week, then the court will conduct a case-specific analysis of the situation in order to determine the appropriate amount of support;
  • The establishment of a visitation schedule;
  • The approval of any relocation requests;
  • Emergency order to respond to changing circumstances or exigent circumstances; and
  • UGMA/UTMA accounts, custodial accounts, and 529 college savings plans.

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