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Modifications to Divorce Orders

One of the most frustrating challenges for a person who has gone through a dissolution of marriage (also known as divorce) is to face changed circumstances that require a modification request. Connecticut law does permit a party to file for a post-decree modification of an order determining child custodychild support, or alimony. However, courts often are reluctant to entertain these modification requests without a strong justification for opening up issues that have been resolved through a decree. In order to obtain a modification, the person seeking the change must present compelling evidence of a change in circumstance.

There are many different facts that form the valid basis for a modification. Some of the more common reasons for a modification request include:

  • Remarriage of a spouse who is receiving alimony;
  • Significantly increased income for the party receiving alimony;
  • Deteriorating health conditions that make work impossible or at least prevent a person from working in his established career;
  • Substantial medical bills;
  • Significant changes in the life of a custodial parent that makes it impossible to comply with the custody and visitation schedule;
  • A relocation request where the individual with physical custody of minor children seeks the permission of the court to move away from the other parent or increase the distance between the non-custodial parent and any children;
  • Unexpected expenses relating to minor children that necessitate a greater amount of support;
  • Exigent circumstances that justify a modification of existing child custody and visitation orders, including evidence of abuse; and
  • Loss of employment or a reduction in income that makes it impossible for one party to continue to make support payments, whether spousal or child, as ordered.

A request for modification should not be submitted to the court without careful preparation, including documentary evidence that demonstrates why the modification is imperative. Attorney Cascio understands how to put together a compelling case for post-decree modification.

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