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Domestic Violence

It is an unfortunate fact that a person who is seeking the dissolution of a marriage may have been the victim of domestic violence. Violence in the family may happen regardless of whether or not the couple is wealthy. When there is violence or the threat of violence, it may be necessary to obtain a restraining or protective order to safeguard the victim. Often, these orders must be obtained on an emergency basis. In cases where there is some type of violence or abuse, it is critical that the injured party has the resources to start over, which is why The Law Offices of Sheila S. Cascio focuses on compassionate, efficient, and effective legal representation in a Connecticut divorce involving domestic violence.

Connecticut courts take domestic violence allegations very seriously, defining family violence as an action that leads to an assault or physical harm or an action that leads a person to believe that he or she is in imminent danger of experiencing an assault or physical harm. In order to fall within the parameters of family violence, the abuse must happen between family members or individuals sharing a household. Although verbal abuse is a serious problem in many marriages, it does not rise to the level of family violence unless it involves a real threat that physical violence is likely to occur.

A person who has been the victim of family/domestic violence may be able to obtain:

  • A restraining order for a period of one year, with the possibility of extending that to three years;
  • The right to notify local law enforcement officers about the existence of the restraining or protective order, as well as the terms of the order; and
  • The right for the victim of violence to be notified if there has been a criminal conviction for family violence and the defendant has violated the terms of probation.

If there has been domestic violence in a marriage, the court will consider that when dividing the property between the parties or calculating the payment of alimony, with the focus on providing the victim of family violence with adequate resources to move forward from the marriage. In addition to the financial repercussions of family violence, it also may be used by the divorce court in awarding legal and physical custody, as well as establishing a visitation schedule.

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